What on Earth is Anki Drive?

STARTER_KIT_angle_whiteI have to admit, I’m not the biggest tech geek on the planet. I can turn my computer on, and I can even troubleshoot when it isn’t working right (I’m a system restore whiz). I have a smartphone, but it’s the dumbest thing on the planet. I barely use the features, so I have all of the data roaming shut off and the phone really just works as a regular call/text phone. You can’t even send me an image on it. It’s just that lame.

So when I started hearing about Anki,I wasn’t sure what to think. But I have to be honest, there is something incredibly cool about a company that can find a way to combine robotics and artificial intelligence and create a car racing game.

I mean, seriously, I didn’t play with most of the toys my brothers had when we were kids, but I loved the electric race tracks they’d get for Christmas each year.

So what happens with Anki? You will actually get to download an app to your phone and use it to control your car. The cars themselves are real. The racetrack is something you can roll out onto your own floor. But the way it works combines technology with real life in a way we haven’t seen before.

In other words – you know how you can play Minecraft with a friend in another state (or country)? Well, you can race your ANKI cars against friends or the artificial intelligence opponent the system has created for you. Winning gives you points and points let you deck your car out with fancy upgrades and weapons and cool stuff.

According to the company, anyone who is old enough to understand how to operate an Apple iOS phone can figure out how to play with the ANKI Drive cars.

Sadly, for me, Anki only currently works with Apple products. I somehow doubt my Cricket ZTE is going to fly in this case. I am curious, though. I hope someone I know plans to read about this thing and give it a try. Invite me over, ok? I want to race super smart cars!


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