Vet Adventures

Today didn’t exactly go as planned. It was pouring rain when I had to leave to take Chyna to the vet. We went to the office that had the first available appointment, so that meant I went on I-295 to get to Mt. Laurel. I prettymuch white-knuckled the steering wheel the entire way. I was going at or slightly under the speed limit the entire time and people were flying past me on the puddling roads. Insanity.

Chyna (about 8 months old now) hates going to the vet and getting in the carrier. I knew as soon as we walked in the door that she would be even more anxious. The Mt. Laurel office is a lot larger and louder than the Atco office. Even I was feeling anxious. 

It was good that we went, though. Whatever the ick is on her face was definitely infected. She has about a week of antibiotics to take and I have a topical anti-inflammatory to put on the wound as well. Depending on how easy/difficult it is to give her the meds, I may have them come out and give her an antibiotic injection instead. They didn’t have it available in the office or on any of their trucks today. She said that if they do, they won’t charge me for the tech/travel since they didn’t have it in the office. We’ll see how it goes. It may be worth paying for the injection just to get our stress levels down.

Chyna is very skittish and sensitive to sound and the fact that I took her to the vet, and will have to give her meds, really did set our progress back a bit.

Work-wise, my day was a bit scattered. I didn’t get as far down my to-do list as I had hoped but I prioritized well. I did some research on blog themes for my rebranding, talked to the designer redoing my logo, made sure I got to my challenge video/task, and of course did the work I needed to get done for my regular paying clients.

It was still a good day. I’m just a bit tired and a little anxious this evening. I had focus, even if it was interrupted. Tomorrow will be a lot better.

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