Fake Food Equals a Real Headache

fresh veggiesI’ve been struggling with the concept of food lately. Just about everywhere I turn I can find an article or book about what is wrong with the foods we’re eating. Truth be told, there is quite a bit wrong with the foods we’re eating. The processed foods are full of chemicals. Some of the produce we eat is smothered in pesticides. There’s the great GMO debate. I even bought some bad pork last weekend.

And I won’t even begin to talk about what I’m reading in the Wheat Belly book (yet).

All of that said, I’m finding that the cleaner I eat, the better I feel. Processed foods make me feel bloated and sluggish pretty quickly. Fast food is almost an instant headache. Intestinal discomfort, aches, and general fatigue – all after I eat.  [Read more…]