L is for Luck and Love

LI’m a bit achy today. I worked out hard last week and managed to mess up a muscle in my shoulder and neck area. It’s not a huge deal. I know how to treat it. It does hurt a bit, and I may have over-done some of the treatment (love that massage chair). Anyway, I was lying in bed a little longer than necessary this morning and heard a song playing. That made me want to look it up, which led me to finding a couple of other songs I wanted to hear.

I guess good music is a great way to start a Monday morning, so I thought I’d share a couple of those “L” themed songs with you to get you moving. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!  [Read more…]

Joy and Kindness

JThis evening I’m writing a make-up post for the ones I missed on Friday and Saturday. Friday I was overwhelmed with work and preparation for a friend’s wedding and Saturday I was just plain exhausted after work. Looking back, I should have planned those posts in advance but I’ll know better going forward.

Joy and kindness are my words for the letters J and K.


KI saw much of both of these things this weekend. There was so much joy on my friend’s face as she walked down the aisle on Friday; and again later at her reception, which was full of close friends and family members. Her husband was nice, her daughter was full of energy, and the people around me were all very kind and easy to talk to.

The funny part being that I knew a lot of them, but hadn’t seen them in so many years they didn’t recognize me. [Read more…]

G is for Goodness

GI got up rather early this morning. I was a bit on edge as I was on my way to a doctor appointment and was nervous about how they would interpret my insurance coverage (and what I’d have to pay out of pocket). That turns out to be a different story – one that isn’t over yet.

But what I did find, after coming home, was a bit of goodness in a story I read in the Huffpost Good News column. Andrea Gardner shared a story about trying to use her SNAP card to pay for groceries, only to find that the machine was down and she couldn’t pay. The woman behind her paid for her groceries so her children could eat. [Read more…]

B is for Bright

BBright, as in bright lights.

I slept on the couch last night. I did so because my man is sick and he is always more comfortable in the bed. I had the stomach virus last week, and he was kind enough to sleep in the recliner while I lounged on the couch, but he was uncomfortable after the 2nd night. He didn’t have to do it, but wanted to be near me. I love that about him.

His symptoms, unfortunately, are more flu-like than the stomach virus. His stomach felt bad, but he had horrible body aches, headaches, and off-and-on fevers. I thought it best for us to not sleep in the same place.  [Read more…]