Shadow Saved Our Lives Last Night

020811 Birthday BoyThe kitchen counters are a forbidden area for the cat. The good news is he never, ever tries to walk them. At most, he used to use them as a launching ground to get to the top of the fridge (to get to the top of the cabinets), but he hasn’t tried to do that in ages. There is a small area of counter to the left of the stove, though, and he will jump up there from time to time. It’s where we keep the vitamins, cat treats, and other odds and ends.

He’s not really allowed up there, but he jumps up there when he feels like he’s not getting enough attention or when he wants a treat. Last night was one of those nights – or so we thought.

Shadow jumped up on the counter. I went and put him down

Shadow jumped up on the counter again. F starts yelling at him. I go and put him down.

Shadow jumped up on the counter a third time. I gently put him down, but scruffed him in the process.

Shadow jumps on the counter a fourth time. I scruff him, carry him into the living room, and hold him for a bit.

We’re trying to figure out what’s wrong and F finally grumbles, “Let me check the pilot lights.”

Don’t you know, one of the two stove-top pilot lights was out? Once we lit it back up, Shadow calmed down and resumed his normal evening activities.

Good job, buddy. Good job.


  1. Wow, pets are so amazing, aren’t they? They really look out for us in ways we probably don’t even know sometimes.

  2. Yikes! Good for Shadow! That could have been tragic.

  3. Thank goodness for Shadow! I have finally learned to pay attention when my cats appear agitated– I am certain they have senses that we lack.

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