Product Review: Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee

SAM_1938Disclaimer: I’m a member of the BzzAgent program and received a free sample of Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee and some coupons as part of the campaign. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my honest opinion of the product. I was not required to write this review, nor was I compensated for writing it.

Mention the Green Mountain name to any true coffee lover and you’re bound to hear a little bit of excitement in the responses you get. Everyone I told about this campaign said, “Oh, Green Mountain is a good brand of coffee,” or some similar variation. I knew, with all the coffee lovers in my life, that getting others to try coffee wouldn’t be too difficult.

green mountain

The campaign itself wasn’t just about coffee though. It was about Fair Trade coffee. As part of this campaign, we were encouraged to visit and encourage others to view This is a great website where you can learn about what Fair Trade really means and how Green Mountain is striving to offer Fair Trade coffee blends to the public. As part of their campaign, Green Mountain sent superstar Kelly Clarkson to Peru to visit some of the local coffee farmers. She got to learn not only about the process of farming coffee beans but how the Fair Trade campaign has altered the lives of the farmers involved. Fair Trade, to be clear, is a logo applied to products that have agreed to pay farmers and manufacturers in foreign countries a fair wage for the products they produce. It applies not only to coffee, but to a wide variety of other foods and goods as well.


As part of the campaign, I was given some k-cup samples of the Three Continent Blend from Green Mountain. This is a medium roast, bold blend of coffee and was labeled as Fair Trade. I had the opportunity to try this blend a couple of times and my fiance tried it as well. I really enjoyed this particular blend of coffee. My fiance, while he thought the flavor was nice, thought the flavor lacked “bottom,” or what he refers to as that taste you get at the back of your mouth as you finish a sip or bite of a good food.


Later on, I took a coupon and bought another Fair Trade blend, Sumatran Reserve. This one was a dark roast, bold blend. I liked it  – sort of – but thought it was really strong. My fiance thought it was very strong and while he liked it better than the Three Continent Blend he thought it had too much of that “bottom” he was looking for before. Another friend of mine tried Sumatran Reserve and said it had the earthy flavor he expected from a Sumatran blend but that he’d like to know what some of the lighter roasts would taste like.

I network with a lot of writers and family members who love coffee, so I had a lot of fun sharing this campaign with them. Everyone heard about what Fair Trade means and was given the chance to look at the website. Some took coupons for Keurig machines and others took coupons for coffee. Everyone was excited to try Fair Trade.

I liked it and I think the Fair Trade distinction is an important one. I’m going to try some other flavors to find the one that’s perfect for me, and I think the effort will be worth it for the cause!



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