NoMoreRack Customer Service – Curiously Odd

SAM_1778I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of It’s a deal website that lists – well – deals. The deals range from clothing to electronics and everything in between and you can snag some pretty cool stuff for a decent price. I’ve made a few purchases through the site, but mostly for home goods and other items. Things went pretty well until I decided to try ordering a package of sports bras.

I know. I know. I ordered bras online. First mistake.

The Order and the Process

So I ordered these bras – a 12-pack of sports bras for $29. I ordered them because they ran in actual bra sizes instead of simply S, M, and L. Things went relatively well and the order arrived in just a few days.

Unfortunately, the bras ran small. I mean, really small. I could tell the second I pulled the first one out of the package. I tried to try one on – I really did try. No dice. I’m thinking someone mislabeled a whole batch of bras. That or they’re really bad at math. I took a tape measure, just now, and measured the band. I’m not here to share my bra size with you all, but let’s just say there’s a ridiculously significant difference between the size I ordered and the size I received – as in, many inches.

The Return Process

So I thought to myself, “I guess I’m going to find out how good their customer service department is.” I sent an email explaining that the bra size I received ran very small and was not true to the size I ordered. I asked how I could go about receiving a replacement or refund.

Here’s how that process went:

  • July 27th – received item
  • July 28th – received shipping notification (yea, I know…)
  • July 28th – sent email to customer service.
  • July 28th – received automatic confirmation of ticket.
  • July 31st – received an email apologizing for the “mix-up” and explaining I needed to send them a picture of the “incorrect item.”
  • July 31st – replied by stating the original customer service rep didn’t seem to have an understanding of my issue. I told them I didn’t feel a picture of the item I ordered would help since technically it was not incorrect.
  • July 31st – Received another email asking for a photograph of the bras they sent next to a normal bra of that size from my own collection, so they could compare the sizes. He said it was a final sale, and that he couldn’t do an exchange, but could do a refund after receipt of an image.
  • July 31st – Received a survey request to rate customer support. I gave them a less-than-glowing review.

Now, at this point I admit I let the issue sit a little while. I didn’t have the time to take pictures of my bras and I sort of thought the request was a bit creepy. Does that sound odd to you – to take a picture of your ordered bra next to a bra you already own? I thought so.  I sort of thought I might just let the issue drop and either give them away or wait to see if I lose enough weight to wear them later (hahahahah)!

Fast forward to last night (Wednesday, August 21st). It was a little before 9pm and a number from California shows up on my caller ID. A gentleman who’s name I can’t remember (probably because I couldn’t understand it), was calling to ask me about the customer service rating I had given them.

I explained why I was not happy. He said that someone had processed a return authorization for me. That was news to me, though I found it in my spam after I hung up the phone with him later on. Anyway, I told him I simply hadn’t had time to take a picture of the bras, and I thought it was an odd request.

He told me that if I took a picture and emailed it to him, he’d credit my account immediately. I said I’d get to it ASAP.

So then he says, “So now that you have had resolution, would you please go back to the survey and change your rating?”


I said, “I guess, after I actually get resolution; but not until then.”

And this is where it got really odd.

He said, “Ok. Well, as a one-time courtesy, I am going to process your credit for you right away. You don’t have to send the picture. Is that OK?”

Well, duh.

“Will you go in and change your survey?”

“Sure, where do I find it again?” He gives me a web address.

Low and behold, the credit is in my account. Unfortunately, the URL he gave me to find the survey was bad; and the link in the original survey email no longer works. Not sure what to do about that.

I don’t really know what to say about this particular customer service experience. It started out bad and it got a little better, but I’d hesitate to say it was good. What would you think?




  1. This is something I would expect to see on one of those uncomfortable sitcoms, such as The Office! 🙂

  2. I hate bra shopping. I have to special order mine thanks to my child they are completely out of proportion. :/

  3. Wow.. definitely odd. lol I just blogged about a bad customer service experience myself the other day. The whole take a picture of your bras thing is weird. And it sounds like they really wanted you to remove that bad rating so at least they were taking that seriously, I guess.

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