Motivate Yourself to Get Some Exercise

exerciseI love to exercise, but I have to be honest, I sometimes have a bit of a hard time motivating myself. I also know that I get the best results when I get up and exercise first thing in the morning. But let me tell you something. It’s cold outside and my bed is really, really warm – especially with the heavy winter comforter. This makes it just a tad bit harder to crawl out from under the covers at the crack of dawn.

So what do I do? I get up and exercise, most mornings – but some mornings I don’t. I do, however, look for ways to motivate myself so that the percentage of morning workouts far exceeds the number of afternoon workouts (or days I don’t workout at all).

Set Aside Time for Yourself

One of the biggest complaints most women I know have is that they have too much other stuff to do. I call BS on that. You have to take time for yourself at some point, and if that time is to exercise, so be it.  But it should be guilt-free time you can claim as your own. End of story. Thirty minutes to yourself won’t hurt anyone in your family.

Identify Your “Why”

Blah blah, right? Seriously, though. You need to know exactly why you are working out. Are you avoiding needing to take blood pressure medications? Are you working to lower your cholesterol or to avoid diabetes? Are you trying to lose weight? Are you training for a marathon? Do you simply want to learn to live a healthier lifestyle. Create a reason and know what it is. Movement with purpose is often easier.

(My current “why” is my burning desire to lose 30 pounds and be in the best physical shape of my life before my black belt test).

Set Small and Large Goals

Goals are meant to encourage, not discourage. My goal is to lose 30 pounds. My short-term goal is to see if I can lose 10 pounds by Thanksgiving. That should be more than manageable, I think, if I stick to my current plan. I may even give myself a small reward (not food) if I hit that goal.

Goals don’t have to be set in pounds, either. Have you always wanted to do a 5K but never felt like you were in good enough shape? Choose a race that is a few months away and sign up for it. That way you’ll have a goal – something to train towards.

Form Fitness Groups

At work or at home – you don’t have to physically gather together to exercise in order to motivate each other. Talk to your employer about using differnet programs (check out this Fitbug review, for example) to encourage exercise challenges in the workplace; or use a similar system to encourage your friends with children to exercise more.

Exercise. Find some motivation and just do it. I say this as I head into a rest day, but I’m serious. Earn your breaks, too. You’ll be much happier when you take control – and you’ll feel fantastic!

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