Healthcare? What’s that?

My day today wasn’t as productive as I had hoped it would be.

The main area of concern was an appointment we had scheduled for F on Friday – a trip to a new pulmonologist. They’re calling for a little bit of snow but it will be happening during the morning hours. It’s an 8am appointment so we thought we’d try to call and reschedule to be safe. We figured we should stay off the road, and it would be likely they may have trouble getting in as well. 

When I finally got someone on the phone, I was told the next available appointment with the same doctor was not until April! I asked when the next available was with any doctor and was told February 21st. I consulted with F and we decided to keep the Friday AM appointment and see how things go.

That’s when things got weird. She said, “That appointment is already cancelled.”

“You cancelled it that fast?”

“No, it was cancelled a while ago. The system says it was cancelled on December <I forget the exact date she said>.”

“We didn’t cancel that. No one told us it was cancelled.”

“It doesn’t look like the doctor has hours that day.”

For real?

If we hadn’t called we would have gone all the way out there for absolutely nothing. I don’t remember the exact date she said it was cancelled, but it was pretty close to the date we made the appointment. Someone could have called and rescheduled us with the same doctor, probably before April. I’m really upset about it and I will be complaining. We ended up taking the February 21st appointment but I am going to try to get him into a different system for this appointment.

In other news, Chyna is still a skittish cat but she’s brave when it comes to her food. That means it is easy for me to scoop her up at mealtimes to give her the antibiotics and quickly smear some ointment on her head. She *looks better to me today – the wound doesn’t look as angry. I’ll feel better tomorrow knowing she’s had a full 2 days of antibiotics. The vet hasn’t called yet about the injectable antibiotic, but if she is still doing well we may just skip it.

The HVAC guy was back at the dojo and the heat is fixed.

I am finishing up my day with the training video for the productivity challenge I’m working on.

Till next time…

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