G is for Goodness

GI got up rather early this morning. I was a bit on edge as I was on my way to a doctor appointment and was nervous about how they would interpret my insurance coverage (and what I’d have to pay out of pocket). That turns out to be a different story – one that isn’t over yet.

But what I did find, after coming home, was a bit of goodness in a story I read in the Huffpost Good News column. Andrea Gardner shared a story about trying to use her SNAP card to pay for groceries, only to find that the machine was down and she couldn’t pay. The woman behind her paid for her groceries so her children could eat.

That’s goodness. (Click here to read the story).

In a world full of judgement and discrimination, where we’re constantly bombarded by attitude and misunderstanding, it’s nice to once in a while see a reminder that nice, good, caring people do exist.

I hope you find some inspiration from her story, in whatever form you need.


  1. That is a truly uplifting story. I hope your insurance turns out ok.
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  2. I love when people are good for a change! What a nice story; thanks for sharing it!

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