From Unhappy to Angry: The Doctor Called Back (Sort Of)

medical symbolOn Monday I posted about F’s doctor not remembering she’d had a conversation with him, following up that lack of memory with a nasty phone call to our home in which she left a message with some remarks about him not calling her back. I had called the doctor’s office and didn’t feel they’d do anything.

Well, they did. They managed to uncover another couple of layers of stupidity.

Around 4:30pm I received a phone call on my cell from one of the techs in the office. I didn’t recognize her voice when she said her name. She started by telling me that Dr. W wasn’t in but that Dr. D had reviewed F’s file. Dr. D said that they should wait until Dr. W came back from vacation to talk about the MRI results b/c she’s the one that saw him.

I very calmly explained to the person who called that they had apparently misunderstood the reason for my call. I very clearly mapped it out, again. Dr. W called on x date, we called back on y date, and a conversation was already had about the MRI results. Dr. W apparently did not note the call from y date and left F a nasty message about not calling her back. Could she understand why I was a bit upset? She said she’d talk to the office manager.


Until Wednesday night, when we come home from work and I find a message from Dr. W on the voicemail. She said, and I quote, “I am trying to call you back but you are not there. This doesn’t work if you’re not there. I understand your wife is upset with me but I can’t speak to you if you don’t answer the phone. I’ll discuss your results with you on the 27th.”


I seriously can’t believe that at this point in the process the message was a) still not relayed correctly and b) she still has absolutely no recollection of having spoken to F.

I had some very choice things to yell at the walls that evening.

Between the way she acted in the first appointment (not allowing me to stay in the room, being stingy about referrals, refusing to listen to him when he asked about shots for his knees) and this, I definitely think her level of competence is in question.

We’ve had a discussion and we’re moving on to Plan B. He has only seen Dr. W one time, so really has no relationship with her to speak of. The next course of action is to call the cardiologist, who we love, and ask if he has recommendations for another primary care physician. He may or may not, but F trusts him more than any other doctor he’s ever met, so we’ll try that avenue before blindly choosing another doctor (and office entirely).

I also see a letter writing campaign in my future.


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