Federal Holiday Woes

I didn’t actually realize today was the federally observed New Year’s Day, so I was ready to dive into a lot of projects and found myself a little bit stuck. Oops. Here I was, ready to seriously rock and roll, and half the world was still closed for the holiday.

It’s all good. I still got quite a bit done. I got WordPress installed on the three new domains I’ll be using as I rebrand my online business branch. We taught some good (albeit small) classes at the dojo. I have a few other things to do this evening, including the first day of a challenge/class I’m doing this month. If I’m ambitious, I may call my hosting provider so I can merge my accounts together, but let’s not hold our breaths. I may, realistically, have to do that tomorrow. 

Yesterday I upgraded WordPress on this site and now I can’t use the Add Media button to add an image to my post, so that sucks. Guess that’s my next project. I’m going to publish anyway and try to fix it later. (EDIT: I fixed it!)

The heat at the dojo didn’t get fixed. The HVAC guy was having trouble with the new parts and because of the holiday he wasn’t able to get what he needed to resolve his problem. I ended up going to Walmart to get a 2nd space heater and realized when I got back that I had purchased not only a non-working unit, but one that had obviously been returned once already. I went a second time, made the return, and got a new one (a different one). It works fine.

I also have to take Chyna, our littlest cat, to the vet tomorrow. She has some sort of weird icky skin thing spreading across her face. At first I thought she had scratched herself but that can’t be it the way it’s spreading. It looks better, then looks worse, and today it looks so awful. On the other hand, this is just a little over four months with us and today she actually RAN to me for affection. She’s still very skittish and it is still on her terms, but she let me touch her a lot today and that really, really warmed my heart.

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