F is for Friends

FI’m feeling a little bit down in the dumps today – just a tiny bit blue. I have a lot on my plate this afternoon/evening and I think I’m just feeling a bit stressed out. A conversation I started with someone else last night also left me feeling a little irritated and I’m just not sure how I feel about it.

I’m not a social butterfly, by any means. I have very few true friends – time-tested and guaranteed to be there for me when I really need them. In the business(es) I’m in, it is often easy to confuse casual relationships with growing friendships, but I often find myself giving and caring and then dropped as a “friend” when something better comes along. That leaves me feeling somewhat empty from time to time. I genuinely care about people – not just when they’re in front of my face.

That said, I really do appreciate the couple of good friends I do still have at this point in my life. We’re all very busy, but we do what we must to survive. That’s all anyone can ask for, I guess.



  1. I love all my friends. They can make everything better. 🙂

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