F Has a New Doctor

medical symbolIt’s been a while since I’ve updated on the medical issue, but it’s been a whirlwind of a month so far.

As I noted in my last post on the subject, after the last nasty phone call from Dr. W, I started the search for a new doctor for F by calling his cardiologist to ask for a recommendation. The woman who answered the phone was pretty nice and said she’d ask the doctor when he wasn’t with patients and then call me back. She didn’t. I’d like to say I am surprised, but I’m just not.

I waited a few days for that call, but it was to the point where I absolutely had to make the call to cancel the pending June appointment. The folks in the Cooper Health group were only somewhat helpful. I called the main line to avoid having to speak to someone in the Haddon Heights office. When asked why I was cancelling the appointment I simply stated that F was switching to another practice. I then asked the individual on the phone if she could give me an address to send a complaint letter. She seemed taken aback by that request, and offered the phone number for customer relations. I asked if there was an address for customer relations. She didn’t know it, so I took the number. A little research will get me to the right place eventually.

After that I hung up and went to F’s insurance company website. I found a doctor in Bellmawr who is part of the Lourde’s health system. The distance is no further than to the other office so I called and made an appointment there. The woman on the phone was pretty helpful and gave me a web address where I could print all of the new patient forms. That was a huge time saver.

The week of his new appointment was a whirlwind. He actually had a colonoscopy (ordered by previous doctor) on Monday. My brother flew in from CA on Tuesday, so we had a family lunch on Wednesday. My parents left for Alaska that Thursday, so I took them to the airport and then brought the dogs to my apartment. Then Friday was the appointment.

Dr. C seemed nice enough. I wasn’t particularly impressed by her, but I was not turned off, either. She is a more mature doctor, like Dr. W, but was far less assertive and controlling. She was very clear about not wanting to disrupt existing doctor/patient relationships and immediately wrote referrals to F’s cardiologist, to his pulmonologist, and to a Lourdes orthopedic doctor so that he can get an opinion on ongoing treatment for his knee. She ordered bloodwork (something Dr. W hadn’t bothered with yet) and was very gracious about him coming in to “get to know her, and for her to get to know him.”

So far, so good. We’ve had the dogs with us since the 10th, so we’ll go later this week for the bloodwork. The Lourdes scheduling system hasn’t called about the joint doctor yet, so I’ll call them this week as well.

All in all, though, things seem to be under control. I feel less stressed, as does F, and we feel like we’re better able to make decisions (him) and advocate (me) for his health.

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