D is for Dog

dYes, she did. She went there. Dog.

I actually just got off the phone with my dad. He was telling me that the vet came to the house to see the dogs last night. The puppy is now 39 pounds. When they brought her home, she was only 7. She’s about 5 months now. She’s quick, solid, and super-smart. Satin is an adorable black lab.

KiBong, their 6-year old yellow lab, has also done well. They struggle to keep his weight under control, but he hasn’t gained a pound since the last visit. He has some skin problems, always getting hot patches and fungal infections, but my dad works hard to give him the best care he can all the time.

KiBong and F, January 2014.

KiBong and F, January 2014.

It doesn’t hurt that KiBong loves to swim. They take him to the dog beach as often as possible for a nice salt-water bath!

Satin, January 2014.

Satin, January 2014.

I have a close relationship with both dogs, as does Forrest. I live (and used to work) closer to my Dad’s house than their offices, so I have played a large role in crate training the dogs during the day. KiBong hasn’t needed daytime attention for a while, and is no longer crated during the day. Satin is doing very well with the crate, but she’s still young enough to very much need (and appreciate) and potty break and lunch in the middle of the day.

Both area beautiful dogs. I’m so glad the weather is getting nicer so we can start spending more time outside – and maybe even walking!


  1. I like a Lab a good dog all around. I have a blue healer name Daisy and yellow cat Ziggy.

    Daisy loves to fetch. I know most lab does to.

    I see KiBong has hoppy toy in his mouth. My sons also had hoppy toy.

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    • Deborah Dera says:

      Yes! KiBong has a couple of those, but the one he has is actually made for dogs. It’s too small for a child to hop on. Heavy duty for him to play with – and it’s already ripped up!

  2. I have friends with Labs and they are generally lovely natured, it a little crazy sometimes ;P. We have a white German Shepherd at home – big and adorable and thinks he’s a cat!
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  3. How cute! I love dogs, and included dogs as a secondary word on my own D post. My brother just got a Lab puppy, and he’s so adorable. 🙂

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