Healthcare? What’s that?

My day today wasn’t as productive as I had hoped it would be.

The main area of concern was an appointment we had scheduled for F on Friday – a trip to a new pulmonologist. They’re calling for a little bit of snow but it will be happening during the morning hours. It’s an 8am appointment so we thought we’d try to call and reschedule to be safe. We figured we should stay off the road, and it would be likely they may have trouble getting in as well.  [Read more…]

A Trip to the Allergist

IMG_1350I turned 34 last week. My age isn’t an issue, but my health and wellness are always on my mind. In the past couple of years, I’ve developed what seems like a pretty extreme dog allergy. That coupled with seasonal allergies that seem to last all year can be rather aggravating. Hell, I was aggravated enough without the dog allergies.

I actually made my appointment to see the allergist back in June, thinking I might be able to fit it in before dogsitting for my parents for 12 days. They couldn’t fit me in until August, though, so last week I went for my first ever appointment with an allergist. [Read more…]

F Has a New Doctor

medical symbolIt’s been a while since I’ve updated on the medical issue, but it’s been a whirlwind of a month so far.

As I noted in my last post on the subject, after the last nasty phone call from Dr. W, I started the search for a new doctor for F by calling his cardiologist to ask for a recommendation. The woman who answered the phone was pretty nice and said she’d ask the doctor when he wasn’t with patients and then call me back. She didn’t. I’d like to say I am surprised, but I’m just not. [Read more…]

From Unhappy to Angry: The Doctor Called Back (Sort Of)

medical symbolOn Monday I posted about F’s doctor not remembering she’d had a conversation with him, following up that lack of memory with a nasty phone call to our home in which she left a message with some remarks about him not calling her back. I had called the doctor’s office and didn’t feel they’d do anything.

Well, they did. They managed to uncover another couple of layers of stupidity.

Around 4:30pm I received a phone call on my cell from one of the techs in the office. I didn’t recognize her voice when she said her name. She started by telling me that Dr. W wasn’t in but that Dr. D had reviewed F’s file. Dr. D said that they should wait until Dr. W came back from vacation to talk about the MRI results b/c she’s the one that saw him.

I very calmly explained to the person who called that they had apparently misunderstood the reason for my call. I very clearly mapped it out, again. Dr. W called on x date, we called back on y date, and a conversation was already had about the MRI results. Dr. W apparently did not note the call from y date and left F a nasty message about not calling her back. Could she understand why I was a bit upset? She said she’d talk to the office manager. [Read more…]

The Doctor Messed Up and I’m Not Pleased

medical symbolF has told me multiple times that I should write about how we navigate the medical system. Usually we’re in the car, on the way to an appointment, and I’ll go down the list of things I had to do to make said appointment happen. This is in addition to all we had to go through to make sure he had any coverage at all. It’s amazing how different two people’s experiences with the healthcare exchange can be.

By the way, this is in no way a bash on the Affordable Care Act, without which F would still likely be uninsured. It’s a bash on the red-tape system that has always existed and has now gotten worse.

That said, I’m not worried about that stuff today. I’ll come back to it. Today I’m upset at F’s doctor. He’s seen her all of one time and has a follow-up scheduled for the end of June. [Read more…]

I’m Feeling Inspired

II’ve been working hard over the past two months. Last time I saw my doctor we discussed a number of different issues ranging from anxiety to my blood pressure and my weight.

Since my last visit,  two months ago, I’ve dropped 12 pounds. My blood pressure is hovering at an almost-too-high place but it’s static (the bottom number is the issue). I’ve self-identified some of the triggers for my anxiety and I’ve taken on some different mindful/self-care activities.  [Read more…]

Motivate Yourself to Get Some Exercise

exerciseI love to exercise, but I have to be honest, I sometimes have a bit of a hard time motivating myself. I also know that I get the best results when I get up and exercise first thing in the morning. But let me tell you something. It’s cold outside and my bed is really, really warm – especially with the heavy winter comforter. This makes it just a tad bit harder to crawl out from under the covers at the crack of dawn.

So what do I do? I get up and exercise, most mornings – but some mornings I don’t. I do, however, look for ways to motivate myself so that the percentage of morning workouts far exceeds the number of afternoon workouts (or days I don’t workout at all).

Set Aside Time for Yourself

One of the biggest complaints most women I know have is that they have too much other stuff to do. I call BS on that. You have to take time for yourself at some point, and if that time is to exercise, so be it.  But it should be guilt-free time you can claim as your own. End of story. Thirty minutes to yourself won’t hurt anyone in your family. [Read more…]