Dear Mr. President – I’m Still Waiting

health benefitsI’m a huge advocate of all things Affordable Care Act. I think President Obama did what most only talk about. He took action to try to solve one of the problems our country faces. We have tons of problems and most can be solved one at a time – or at least by giving primary focus to one at a time.

It disturbs me when people say that those taking advantage of the health exchange sites are freeloaders. I’m sorry? I work what probably totals to the equivalent of two full-time jobs. I’m 100% self employed. I pay taxes. As a matter of fact, I automatically pay more taxes because I get to pay a self-employment tax. I deserve to see part of my tax money go towards my own healthcare.

Regardless, all good things come with hiccups and growing pains. While I’m not 100% sure why the site was allowed to launch the way it did, or why so many major issues were covered up, that sort of behavior seems par for the course. [Read more…]

7 Things You Need to Know to Prepare for Your SAT

A piggy bank on top of a stack of books, good for saving for college themeWhile the SAT season is technically over for college seniors, there is still time for those who want to improve their scores to take the test again; and there are plenty of juniors who are still taking the test multiple times. Whether you’ve take the exam before or not, there are probably a few things you could do to better prepare for the experience.

1. Make Sure You’re Taking the Right Test

Is the SAT really the exam you need to be taking? The SAT and the ACT serve similar purposes, and a lot of schools accept either score. Professionals say the best way to determine which you should take is to do a home practice test for each. See which structure feels better for you, and keep an eye on the scores and how long each takes. [Read more…]

Kids, Guns, Shootings, Federal Law and Responsibility

toy gunI originally wrote this as a Facebook post in response to a link to an article about the 13-year old who was shot in California while carrying a replica assault weapon. A few people wanted to share what I wrote, but Facebook is all sorts of glitchy and some of of the shares didn’t include the original link, so my commentary seems to be missing something. I’ve added a couple of thoughts and links here, and hope this makes it easier for people to understand.

This kind of stuff really, really bothers me; but not for the initial reasons a lot of people think.

I do not own a gun. I know plenty of people who do. They have the right to own guns, and they do so responsibly.

Take a close look at the gun in this picture. It’s a screen shot of what you see on Facebook when this news article from Fox is shared. This gun looks very, very real – and it’s the gun the 13 year old boy who was shot in California was holding when he was killed.  It’s a replica. I’m not sure how “replicas” are considered, but it is federal law that “toy” guns have red or orange tips. This allows law enforcement to identify them as toys. There are even some cities where there is legislation that a toy gun can’t look like a real gun at all, which is why you see such odd shapes and colors. [Read more…]