The UGG Controversy: Trademarking Common Terms

trademark1Did you know those UGG boots you clamor for yearly have been, and in some places still are, the subject of a huge controversy regarding – you guess it – trademarks? Believe it or not, they are – and here’s why.

The Origin of UGG Boots

UGG boots were originally created in the early 1920’s. They were invented by Australian sheep herders and farmers to keep them warm in the cool morning hours. They were then worn by pilots during WWII, to keep warm in their uninsulated cockpits.

As far as the term goes in Australia and New Zealand, where the boots originated, the term “ugg” is a very broad descriptive term used to describe shoes made out of a particular type of sheepskin. [Read more…]

NoMoreRack Customer Service – Curiously Odd

SAM_1778I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of It’s a deal website that lists – well – deals. The deals range from clothing to electronics and everything in between and you can snag some pretty cool stuff for a decent price. I’ve made a few purchases through the site, but mostly for home goods and other items. Things went pretty well until I decided to try ordering a package of sports bras.

I know. I know. I ordered bras online. First mistake.

The Order and the Process

So I ordered these bras – a 12-pack of sports bras for $29. I ordered them because they ran in actual bra sizes instead of simply S, M, and L. Things went relatively well and the order arrived in just a few days. [Read more…]