C is for Cat (Shadow)

cC is for Cat!

I actually giggled at myself last night as I decided to make this my next topic. My cat, Shadow, is totally awesome. I then wondered how many different ways I could fit him into the A to Z challenge. C is for Cat; F is for Feline; P is for Paws; S is for Shadow?

Don’t worry. This is not my plan.

Anyway, Shadow is very special to us. We adopted him about 4 years ago, from our neighbor. She had some health problems and had to get rid of all of her cats. She and her daughter used to let Shadow roam the apartment complex, and I’m afraid he wasn’t as well-cared for as he could have been.

They had actually given Shadow away to another home and asked us if we wanted to adopt Chaos. We did not, as we didn’t know Chaos. Then, one evening, we saw Shadow running around again. Apparently he hadn’t gotten along with the other cat in his new home and was sent back.


I asked the daughter if they were still looking for a new home for Shadow. She said she’d ask her mom, scooped him up, and went inside. A few minutes later she came back, handed him to me, and said, “My mom said you can have him.”

beautiful 2

For real. It was 10pm on a Monday night. I asked if she could at least give me a little kitty litter? (She did). I ended up in the Rite Aid up the street for a can of cat food to hold us over until I could get to PetSmart in the morning.

We completely domesticated Shadow and he no longer goes outdoors. I spent days gaining his trust so I could cut the mats (and the stuff stuck in them) out of his fur. He’s now happy, gets fed regularly, lounges in the sun, and only freaks out a little bit when he sees bad weather outside

In many ways, he acts more like a dog than a cat. He tips over his toy basket when he wants to play. He “guards” the family from whatever position he can see us both best. He patiently naps outside the tub when I take a bath and read at night. He definitely won’t let F use the bathroom by himself. He spends time with both of us, equally…

…and he’s very well loved.

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  1. What a sweet cat! He looks quite at home now with you! ~ Angela, A to Z participant from Web Writing Advice (http://www.webwritingadvice.com/) and Whole Foods Living (http://wholefoodsliving.blogspot.com/)

  2. Awww, what an adorable story. So glad you were able to bring love and safety into this cute kitty’s life.

  3. Christiana says:

    So glad I’m not the only one who wrote about my cat. Shadow sounds like a great cat who lucked out the day you took him in.

  4. Shadow sounds like a wonderful cat. Looks utterly laid back in the photo too :). Our previous kitty was a rescue too and he ended up a very relaxed old gentleman in the end. Our current kitty is slowly pushing me off my office chair as she wants more space to sit behind me :).
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