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L is for Luck and Love

LI’m a bit achy today. I worked out hard last week and managed to mess up a muscle in my shoulder and neck area. It’s not a huge deal. I know how to treat it. It does hurt a bit, and I may have over-done some of the treatment (love that massage chair). Anyway, I was lying in bed a little longer than necessary this morning and heard a song playing. That made me want to look it up, which led me to finding a couple of other songs I wanted to hear.

I guess good music is a great way to start a Monday morning, so I thought I’d share a couple of those “L” themed songs with you to get you moving. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!  [Read more…]

Product Review: Tone Moisturizing Body Wash (Part 2)

toneDisclaimer: I’m a member of the BzzAgent program and received a free sample of Tone’s moisturizing body wash and some coupons as part of the campaign. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my honest opinion of the product. I was not required to write this review, nor was I compensated for writing it.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote the first part of my Tone Moisturizing Body Wash review, after having used the new Pink Peony and Rose Oil scent from the complete line. When I last left you, I was happy with the results I was getting from using the new scent but I wanted to try another one. On my next trip to WalMart, I picked up a bottle of the Soothing Oatmeal with Shea Butter. The only thing I did wrong was in forgetting to take a coupon for me. That’s OK, though – more for my friends to try. [Read more…]

Joy and Kindness

JThis evening I’m writing a make-up post for the ones I missed on Friday and Saturday. Friday I was overwhelmed with work and preparation for a friend’s wedding and Saturday I was just plain exhausted after work. Looking back, I should have planned those posts in advance but I’ll know better going forward.

Joy and kindness are my words for the letters J and K.


KI saw much of both of these things this weekend. There was so much joy on my friend’s face as she walked down the aisle on Friday; and again later at her reception, which was full of close friends and family members. Her husband was nice, her daughter was full of energy, and the people around me were all very kind and easy to talk to.

The funny part being that I knew a lot of them, but hadn’t seen them in so many years they didn’t recognize me. [Read more…]

I’m Feeling Inspired

II’ve been working hard over the past two months. Last time I saw my doctor we discussed a number of different issues ranging from anxiety to my blood pressure and my weight.

Since my last visit,  two months ago, I’ve dropped 12 pounds. My blood pressure is hovering at an almost-too-high place but it’s static (the bottom number is the issue). I’ve self-identified some of the triggers for my anxiety and I’ve taken on some different mindful/self-care activities.  [Read more…]

H is for Health

HI am sitting here pondering life – and my health in general – and thinking about what I wrote about fatigue the other day. I’m not over-tired, but a little weary, and considered taking a nap. But my drive to not give up on the A to Z challenge told me, “No! Go write your posts!” So here I am.

This post doesn’t really have TMI, but guys – if you don’t want to see a rant about the state of OBGYN care in the USA, feel free to move on – or at least scroll to the end.

This is a busy week for my health. I had a routine doc appointment yesterday. I have been going to Planned Parenthood for routine OBGYN care since I lost my insurance several years ago. [Read more…]

G is for Goodness

GI got up rather early this morning. I was a bit on edge as I was on my way to a doctor appointment and was nervous about how they would interpret my insurance coverage (and what I’d have to pay out of pocket). That turns out to be a different story – one that isn’t over yet.

But what I did find, after coming home, was a bit of goodness in a story I read in the Huffpost Good News column. Andrea Gardner shared a story about trying to use her SNAP card to pay for groceries, only to find that the machine was down and she couldn’t pay. The woman behind her paid for her groceries so her children could eat. [Read more…]

F is for Friends

FI’m feeling a little bit down in the dumps today – just a tiny bit blue. I have a lot on my plate this afternoon/evening and I think I’m just feeling a bit stressed out. A conversation I started with someone else last night also left me feeling a little irritated and I’m just not sure how I feel about it.

I’m not a social butterfly, by any means. I have very few true friends – time-tested and guaranteed to be there for me when I really need them. In the business(es) I’m in, it is often easy to confuse casual relationships with growing friendships, [Read more…]

E is for Energy

EToday is the first day I’ve felt like I have a bit of energy again. I was sick with the stomach virus the week before this. I started to feel better and then my man ended up with something similar this week. I ended up with some minor symptoms again (thankfully nothing major), and struggled for another day or so.

I woke up this morning a bit groggy but otherwise ready to face the day. We had 3 classes at the dojo, I ran several errands, and I’m just a tad tired now. I have a few hours of work to do and then I’ll (hopefully) get to sleep a little early.  [Read more…]

D is for Dog

dYes, she did. She went there. Dog.

I actually just got off the phone with my dad. He was telling me that the vet came to the house to see the dogs last night. The puppy is now 39 pounds. When they brought her home, she was only 7. She’s about 5 months now. She’s quick, solid, and super-smart. Satin is an adorable black lab. [Read more…]

C is for Cat (Shadow)

cC is for Cat!

I actually giggled at myself last night as I decided to make this my next topic. My cat, Shadow, is totally awesome. I then wondered how many different ways I could fit him into the A to Z challenge. C is for Cat; F is for Feline; P is for Paws; S is for Shadow?

Don’t worry. This is not my plan. [Read more…]