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Dear Mr. President – I’m Still Waiting

health benefitsI’m a huge advocate of all things Affordable Care Act. I think President Obama did what most only talk about. He took action to try to solve one of the problems our country faces. We have tons of problems and most can be solved one at a time – or at least by giving primary focus to one at a time.

It disturbs me when people say that those taking advantage of the health exchange sites are freeloaders. I’m sorry? I work what probably totals to the equivalent of two full-time jobs. I’m 100% self employed. I pay taxes. As a matter of fact, I automatically pay more taxes because I get to pay a self-employment tax. I deserve to see part of my tax money go towards my own healthcare.

Regardless, all good things come with hiccups and growing pains. While I’m not 100% sure why the site was allowed to launch the way it did, or why so many major issues were covered up, that sort of behavior seems par for the course. [Read more…]