Archives for October 29, 2013 – Will I Ever Get Insurance?

medical billsI’m trying to be a patient person, but I’m not. I originally told myself I wouldn’t even bother attempting to access until November. I figured the site would be too busy, and that was before we all found out the site had a ton of bugs and problems.

But I couldn’t wait.

Instead, I’ve spent the past month in a state of aggravation, attempting to figure out how something so huge could possibly be so messed up. Even if they government did a no-bid contract, why did it take so long for them to find out the site wasn’t working properly? Hasn’t anyone heard of testing a website before it launches? I mean, come on – it was no secret that millions of people were waiting for it to launch.

Here’s my experience so far (these are not consecutive days):

  • Day 1: Attempted to create account, was told I was in a queue.
  • Finally created account but could not log in. I was in another queue.
  • Day 2: Tried to log into original account but couldn’t get in.
  • Requested password email. After hours, it came through but I still could not log in. Tried to create another account but was told my username was already used.
  • Day 3: Attempted one more time to get into original account. Still waiting on password email (weeks later).
  • Day 4: Used a different username and email address to create a new account.
  • Day 5: Logged into new account and completed persona details. Attempted to submit application and the page refreshed – 6 times.
  • Day 6: Received 6 emails with notifications my application had been processed (apparently one for each time I thought it didn’t go through the day before).
  • Day 7: Painstaking review of plans, comparing gold/silver/bronze, etc. and different deductibles.

My brain hurts. I haven’t chosen a plan yet, and now when I log in, the pages don’t load so I can review my options.

This is getting stupid.

Supposedly our government has someone working on a fix. I hope so. I hope this isn’t an indication of how difficult this type of program will be in the years moving forward. I just don’t think I can handle the stress. So far, it seems like the coverage will be affordable for me, which is huge. But at what cost to my sanity?