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The Spot Writers: Water Haven II

spotsThis week’s post comes to us, for the second time in a row, from Cathy MacKenzie, who writes mainly short stories and poems. The theme for this month is “water.” Cathy hopes you enjoy part two of her story!

Cathy’s new book, compiling 18 of her best and most recent short stories, titledBetween These Pages, is now out on Amazon.  E-book is $2.99. Print version is $10.00:


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Water Haven II

Instead of last week’s yellow noodle, tonight’s colour is pink, but the theme is the same. I’m swimming alone in the pool—still fleshy, flabby and frumpy old. This time it’s evening and I’m shrouded in darkness. I’m crying huge tears, and, thanks to the night, I can’t even pretend my body has morphed into svelteness, because I can’t see anything but the moon’s dim light glancing across the ripples.

I wasn’t drunk that last time, but I am tonight. Terribly drunk. I recollect my story of the yellow noodle and think how ironic it is I remember the colour yellow and compare it to the pink noodle which now accompanies me. [Read more…]