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The Spot Writers: Shadow Dance

spotsThis week’s post comes to us from Cathy MacKenzie, who writes mainly short stories and poems. The prompt this month for the Spot Writers is to write a short story including three of the following words: courage, car, obvious, sashay, checked, twitched.  Cathy used the following words: courage, car, obvious. She hopes you enjoy her story!

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Shadow Dance

At the restaurant, in between mouthfuls of Thai chicken bites and Caesar salad, I take stock of Dan, my husband. I’m startled to notice how much thicker—and darker— his hair seems. Has he died his white hair a tawny brown? His face—once etched with deep furrows and molted with red blotches—is smoother than I remembered. His burnished skin glows, like he’s spent too much time outdoors.

When we arrive home, I glimpse my own face in the hall mirror—a face I almost don’t recognize. I stare at the drawn reflection bordered with wispy whitish hair. Crows’ feet fan from the outer corners of my sunken eyes, and fleshy bags perch beneath dwindling lower lashes. My jowls sag like soggy dishrags pinned to the clothesline on a breezeless day. [Read more…]