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The Spot Writers: Val Muller Celebrates Faulkner’s Apprentice

spotsThis week’s post comes to us from Val Muller, author of the children’s mystery series Corgi Capers. Val tells us, “To celebrate the release of my horror novel Faulkner’s ApprenticeI thought I’d go dark with my next flash fiction story. Hope you enjoy!” Faulkner’s Apprentice is a supernatural chiller about a young woman who gets more than she dreams of—and exactly what she wanted.

* * *

The tire thud had felt harder than she’d anticipated. Almost like running over a log. Maybe it was her speed. Rhiannon wasn’t going to slow her car, though. No, as soon as she saw him there on the side of the road, her headlights illuminating that sleazy smile of his, she’d pressed her high-heeled toes to the floor.

But after the thud, she slammed on the brakes, skidding to a halt. A crack of thunder echoed in the distance, and Rhiannon looked back. Only an amorphous shape was visible in the rear-view mirror, a lump on the roadway, and she summoned the courage to open the door. She checked whether anyone had seen, but the country road was deserted at this hour—as usual. After all, that’s why Matt forced her to meet him here, week after week after week. [Read more…]

The Spot Writers: Courage in the Bookstore

spotsThe Spot Writers are back! We goofed off for a while, but here we are again. No serial novel this time; we’re doing Flash Fiction or whatever comes into our heads. This month it’s Flash Fiction—we must use three of the following words in our stories: courage, car, obvious, checked, sashay, twitched. Our contribution this week comes from RC Bonitz, author of A Blanket for her Heart and the A Little Bit of- series. Look for the others’ contributions in the coming weeks.


Courage in the Bookstore by R.C. Bonitz

She checked her lipstick in the mirror and touched it up a bit. Fluffed her hair, then ran a brush through it just to be sure. Her stomach twitched with nerves as she finished and prepared to step from the car. Was this it? Could she pull it off? No harm in trying.

Should she sashay into the store or just walk in normally? Best not to overdo, right? Well, maybe. Well, of course. She shouldn’t be too obvious; he’d think she was a ditz. He was smart- had to be. He worked in bookstore didn’t he? [Read more…]