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The Spot Writers: Remy’s Story – Chapter 31

spotsChapter 31 of Remy’s story is by Deborah Dera. Deborah traditionally ghostwrites articles and stories but is in the process of finishing up her first eBook to be released on the Kindle platform later this year. Keep your eyes peeled.

Next week’s chapter will come from Val Muller, author of the Corgi Capers mystery series for young detectives and For Whom My Heart Beats Eternal, a time travel trio. Find out more at

The Spot Writers’ blogs appear at the end of this story. Don’t forget to check them out.


Chapter 31

Remy immediately froze where she was, her eyes locked on Barbara.

Sam, ever ready to take control of a situation, started to speak. “Barbara, Remy had nothing to do with Jeremy’s arrest.” As he spoke, he took a step over to try to block Remy from Barbara’s view.

Barbara was crazed, eyes wide. She raised the gun to Sam’s chest and motioned for him to move aside. “Get out of my way and don’t move again.” [Read more…]