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The Spot Writers: Remy’s Story – Chapter 26

spotsChapter 26 of the continuing saga of Remy comes to us from Deborah Dera. Deborah traditionally ghostwrites articles and stories but is in the process of finishing up her first eBook to be released on the Kindle platform later this year. Keep your eyes peeled!

Next week’s chapter will come from RC Bonitz, author of A LITTLE BIT OF BLACKMAIL, A BLANKET FOR HER HEART, and the recently released of A LITTLE BIT OF BABY.

The Spot Writers’ blogs appear at the end of this story. Don’t forget to check them out.


Chapter 26

Sam Kendrick regarded Remy carefully, surprised by what seemed like a sudden change of attitude towards him. Remy thought she saw the sides of his mouth turn up a bit, but if he was happy to hear her ask him to get a drink, he was doing his best to hide his change in mood.

“Are you in trouble? Are you getting strange phone calls again?” Dr. Kendrick couldn’t keep the concern from his voice.

“No, no. It’s not that. Not recently, anyway. I – I’d just really like to talk.” Remy finished confidently and waited for Dr. Sam to reply. [Read more…]