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The Spot Writers: Remy’s Story – Chapter 23

spotsChapter 23 of Remy’s tale comes to us today from RC Bonitz, author of A LITTLE BIT OF BLACKMAIL, A BLANKET FOR HER HEART, and his latest release, A LITTLE BIT OF BABY.

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Chapter 23

Remy hated going to work in the morning. She’d been up half the night, thinking, worrying. Her mysterious caller hadn’t bothered her again, but that didn’t stop her waiting for the phone to ring any minute. And there was Jeremy, and Sam, and their love interest. If either of them really knew what love was. She wasn’t sure she did either, and she sure didn’t know what she felt about the two of them.

She could ignore Jeremy for a while this morning, letting his texts go unanswered until she wanted to reply. But Sam? He’d be there in the office, in front of her all day, or nearby at least. He’d been very professional in the office so far, but somehow she wondered if he’d keep that up. [Read more…]