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The Spot Writers: Remy’s Story – Chapter 22

spotsChapter 22 of the continuing saga of Remy comes to us from Deborah Dera. Deborah traditionally ghostwrites articles and stories but is in the process of finishing up her first eBook to be released on the Kindle platform later this year. Keep your eyes peeled!

Next week’s chapter will come from RC Bonitz, author of A LITTLE BIT OF BLACKMAIL and A BLANKET FOR HER HEART, both available from Amazon or B&N. He’s looking forward to the release of A LITTLE BIT OF BABY, due in November.

The Spot Writers’ blogs appear at the end of this story. Don’t forget to check them out.


Chapter 22

Remy backed herself against the wall in the hallway, out of sight of the living room doors and windows, cringing with every ring of the phone and wondering if Sam Kendrick could hear the phone ringing from outside. Maybe if he heard it ringing he’d realize she wasn’t there to pick it up.

Her thoughts were again interrupted when he stopped ringing the doorbell. Instead, he switched to a thunderous, booming knock. [Read more…]