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The Spot Writers: Remy’s Story – Chapter 10

spotsThis episode of Remy’s story comes to us from Val Muller. Check out her sweet romance novella, For Whom My Heart Beats Eternal, and her middle-grade mystery series, Corgi Capers. Find out more at

Next week’s piece comes from Cathy MacKenzie. Check out her three books of short stories available on Smashwords for only $1.99 and $0.99. you can read the first story in each book for free. However, the stories are all different, so the sample stories aren’t a true representation of the other stories.

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Chapter 10

Somehow, word of Remy’s night with Dr. Kendrick had made it to Irene. Remy could tell as soon as she stepped into the office. She pretended not to notice Irene’s smirks and sat at her desk, taking a sudden, intense interest in cleaning out her email box. Irene brought over a patient’s folder, taking extra time to set it in front of Remy, extra time to try for eye contact.

But Remy didn’t look up. She pretended not to notice. Irene returned again with another folder—and again, the same intense stare. She seemed to be bringing everything over piecemeal this morning. A patient’s chart. A pen. A piece of discarded mail. Not her usual efficient self. Remy wondered how long she’d be able to avoid the inevitable. She’d never been able to hide things from Irene, and it was only a matter of time.

She finally broke at lunch.

“Alright,” Remy said after locking the door to the office. Dr. Kendrick had gone out for a burger, leaving the two assistants alone, but Remy didn’t want to take any chances. “What’s the smirk all about?” [Read more…]