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The Spot Writers: Remy’s Story – Chapter 1

spotsToday’s flash fiction comes to us from Val Muller, the author of CORGI CAPERS: DECEIT ON DORSET DRIVE, a mystery novel for young readers andFOR WHOM MY HEART BEATS ETERNAL, a spicy sci-fi romance with a twist. Learn more at

Next week’s story will be by Cathy MacKenzie, who has self-published several books which can be found at: She also appears in various anthologies, such as those published by Rebel Ink Press and Dancing With Bear Publishing. Visit her website (at end of this week’s story) for more information on this author.

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Alison and Sarah cheered as Remy sank the eight ball, clearing the table and winning the game.

“Thanks, gals!” Remy took a bow then checked her watch. “But I’ve got to get going. Work tomorrow.”

“At least play one more game,” Sarah said. She leaned in close. “I think that guy’s been checking you out.”

Remy watched the man in question through her periphery. He had been sitting at a bar table with his friend eating wings and playing with his phone. [Read more…]